Monday, August 11, 2014

Operas and Laptops

Excellent news! 
I am the proud owner of a new shiny not Apple and not 2nd hand laptop! Its a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 and will suit my needs just fine if I can figure out Windows 8. I'm now remastering the art of the left click which I once missed but now find incredibly annoying, it is a touch screen though so all is not lost on the frustration front. My bank account is low once more signaling all is well with the world. 

Photos will take a while to get figured out I need to download a few programs because lord knows Microsoft paint and I wont get along, I'll be diligently working on getting back in my old ways soon. Since when did all computers stop having cd drives as well? I've been out of the market for a while now... 
Its seems exploring this new system that Macs are the computer equivalent of a paint by numbers and Pcs made for those who like torture and unfathomable matrix-esque folders everywhere. (I'm not very computer savvy)

To hold you over here is the first photo I put on the pc taken during the dark times of no laptops past, I hate the editor so I'm gonna wait on doing more work.
I call it plant in sink

The kick starters still up and going to recoup the loss of my Outback bus money so if you like what you see feel free to send a few (or a heap) of singles my way I'll have stories to share that I can guarantee. Kickstarter

This past weekend I attended Don Giovanni at the Iconic Sydney Opera house. Mozart is my 2nd favorite composer and 1st favorite t-shirt until it was lost to bleach. If you have this shirt in medium please send it to me I need it back in my life.
 Part missing, Decomposing since 1791
Anyways, I had shoved a notebook into a small bag I was taking in lieu of my giant backpack but had forgotten a pen; I scored myself a cheap overpriced plastic one from the gift shop. The wait was mainly uneventful I was crazy early having gone looking at computers before hand and spent far less time than I imagined I would. Pretty much I sat by the water, drank beer, ate some soup and was cold for about an hour all while writing about it in unnecessary detail which I omit for the sake of your sanity. I did see a woman reading an article on How to Be Alone however and felt an overwhelming urge to tell her to go home go in her room and lock the door.

Show time grew closer as I scribble nonsense and baby stepped my way over towards the Joan Sutherland Theater.  

The Opera.

Ahh the Opera a timeless art that has transcended the years since its prime becoming the muse of the elderly and rich in the minds of many generations of younger persons. I had a great night and it certainly was a night of observation as I drank my $10.50 glass of wine on the Opera house balcony. If you want to see a diverse group of people of all cultures and social classes see an Opera. I promise you glam and glitz from the wealthy, some tourist assholes in jeans (last opera I saw), the casual local show goer in black and the elderly in styles, well, only your grandma would wear. As I sat in my last row seats I admired the atmosphere of subdued excitement an easy relaxed vibe of anticipation. The lights dimmed and the numerous bald heads of the crowd glowed fainter and fainter. 

Music drifted from the orchestra pit and it was almost immediately apparent far removed from its creation this show would be captivating. The thing about Opera is everything is explained as if to a foreigner with no grasp of the language, takes 30 minutes to explain Don Givonni is an asshole and another 40 to show how sad Donna Anna is at the death of her father, but the tedium is surprisingly minimal for my young technology impaired brain. The vocal range of the singers was incredible as women threw themselves to the floor yelling out in the throes of emotional distress, it was nice to see someone more over dramatic than me last week to be quite honest.

At over three hours the Opera went surprisingly quickly, I have tons of respect for the actors I cant imagine how they feel towards the end of a run but I can imagine exhausted its a long show, they're built of tough stuff. A young European couple in the mid to late 20s didn't make it past intermission and in front of me a greasy headed man with his cougar companion let his head flop in various directions as he was awoken by the orchestra. Don Giovanni was eventually pulled into hell as ripples of consciousness came to life in the audience, we watched engulfed; this was immediately followed by uneasy shifting in seats at the prospect of standing up and stretching, only a warning to the sinners of the world that this would be their fate for their wicked ways left to get through.

I cant recommend seeing a show at the Opera House more highly and I would strongly encourage you to take out the nicest pants you own and dress up for the occasion. It's the icon of Sydney and has numerous productions for all tastes from Opera to the Symphony and theater productions; coming up shortly the Bob Dylan formerly known as a singer will be performing as well.

It may have taken 15 years to build, been 14x over budget caused many people heaps of grief and been a general pain in the ass to build but the Opera House is beautiful and absolutely worth the price of a ticket to have the honor of seeing a show in.

Its with a heavy heart I read this morning about the death of Robin Williams, there are certain celebrities that you don't realize impacted your life so much until they die. I never quite noticed just how many movies in my childhood starred him and the countless laughs I got since then from his films and stand-up. Comedy can be a terribly depressing business, to be funny you need to be observant and find in your particular way the humor in everyday life no matter how mundane. That same astute observational skill isn't turned off on yourself and unfortunately as with many greats before him it seems finding a way to dull a lively mind becomes stronger than the desire to live. RIP.