Monday, August 4, 2014

Erasing the Week from Memory

Its really amazing how last week was the complete opposite of the prior, I hope that means good things are about to happpen... so far so good. I decided to try something new on Sunday, writing my post whilst traveling, the result is not 100% in the moment however its pretty true to form where I did minus some obscenities.

I decided to continue the week from hell by going to Kiama and seeing how things went. Staying in I figured wouldn't be very beneficial to my overall worldly view I needed to stretch my legs and enjoy my cheap travel Sunday of which I will soon be running low on. I'm now on the train on the way to Kiama and my reserve of fucks to give is running alarmingly low, my tank of optimism almost drained I feel the look of indifference plague my face.

I woke up late Sunday morning forgetting that my alarm only went off on weekdays, I moved slowly this particular Sunday not entirely sure how much I actually cared about going anywhere. After some coffee and delaying, I accepted the fact that I needed a change of pace and went to the station ready to try and switch my luck around. I arrived at central station and found the connecting train to Kiama pretty quickly for you know being me; it left in about 30 minutes. I walked a long hallway and rode down one of the longest escalators of my life, gusts of wind blew fiercly from the vents to make it all the more unpleasent. 

I was spit out on an underground platform, one of the few i've seen in Sydney Central Station. The stop reminded me of a NYC subway minus the rats (just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there) and psychopaths. The air smelled like a moist old book and the walls ran with discolored water stains of unknown origin.  Ads lined the opposing wall for go figure, laptops; people looked gleefully at pie charts ignoring the beautiful sunny park day just past their screens. If your job requires you to be looking at pie charts in a park on what is obviously your time off, you need a new job.

I soon grew bored narrating my own life as there was absolutely nothing going on, I began doodling in my book drawing on level with the artistic talents of an 8 year old. I scribbled away the time glancing up periodically to watch the minutes dwindle. I thought about how when something is on your mind you're haunted by it. Computers were on my mind and I felt like every coffee shop i'd passed had folks smiling illuminated smiles as they watched their cat videos, every train car had the tap, tap tap, tap of fingers with a little something to say. I grew cynical in my artwork and was for a time absorbed.  

At last glance of the clock it was 1min till departure, I started gathering my things and stood up waiting for the train untangling myself from headphones and various pens. The minute turned to nothing as I walked towards the yellow line. A train started passing slowly by picking up speed as it moved, it did not stop. I stood there stupefied and walked towards the edge, I had apparently been sitting beyond the trains stopping point. This was news to me as all the others had reached this far, I knew because I'd just watched them. I then realized the express train might be smaller and I would be getting no breaks today. I sucked it up and pretended to be okay with the set back but knew the next train was an hour away and was not an express. 

I didn't believe in ghosts till my Mac died
I couldn't handle watching all the same trains pass again so I boarded the first train to Bondi Junction figuring moving would be better than just sitting idly in a smelly dark tunnel. I continued my pissed off art as I traveled the same path I would shortly have to take back. I arrived at another underground station with 30 mins to spare again. I looked around noticing I was about the only person around; I searched for some form of amusement, all I could see to entertain myself were ads for alcoholism.

See whats on your mind huh? Wino.

This was the result of the passing 30 minutes of waiting and the ad that sparked my imagination.

Finally I was off again it may have been the same direction but any was better than none. I watched the list of stops pass by, it was the first time I had paid attention and was shocked at the amount. I wasn't sure at this rate if I'd even make it to Kiama by sunset. I made a pact there with myself that if that was the case wherever I was at the time I would get off the train and take pictures. 

Time passed... Slowly. There was a place called Waterfall I thought if it actually had waterfalls I would have gotten out but I wasn't convinced and rightly so. It became apparent this was not only not the express it was bound to be the longest mentally challenging train ride of my life dwarfing even the 11 hour trip to Byron Bay. I looked out the window cursing my decision to leave the house, I dont know how stared into the trees but about an hour into the trip a flash of blue broke through the trees. I perked up, What did I just see? Another line of blue another flashed by when suddenly the landscape opened up to that spectacular Australian coast I love so much. For about 30mins in this tiring day I felt a little bit of weight life off my shoulders as I allowed myself to get lost in the view.

Unfortunately it didn't last too long but was replaced by some rather lovely country on the opposite side. Some obnoxiously loud Aussie teen girls had gotten on the train at a place I wrote down as Underwearra, I refused to move behind them; I can only take so much squawking and cockatoos already took care of that for the day. 

Eventually we arrived at Kiama I walked off the train to a chill I was unprepared for and headed in the direction of the town. Everything was shut down on Sunday evening around 5:30, with the exception of one was bar that I could see. I made a mental note just in case I'd need to stop in there but thought more along the lines of the soonest train back. 

Kiama is a quaint town undoubtedly lively with tourists on the weekend days. The Kiama blowhole is the main attraction, its apparently the worlds largest. Water goes in the bottom and water sprays out the top, thats about it. Its not something that will make or break your vacation certainly but fun I'm sure on a hot summers day with some friends if your looking to possibly and unexpectedly be drenched in water. I saw, I snapped photos and I left knowing deep down I would be unable to do anything with them at the moment. I walked back to the train station as it started getting cold and found my train leaving in go figure 27 minutes. 

Its okay not to be happy all the time, if we were we wouldn't be human. Rough weeks end and we hope for the best next time around. Overall I probably should have stayed home but I got some nice sunset photos so I cant complain, I did enough during the trip as you can tell. Those photos will be added here later I've been told by an unreliable source I can borrow a less ancient laptop and post them. If that unreliable source reliably falls through I'll do my best to get around the limits of this beast im typing on.

Updates on laptop... I opened it up and it looked like a swamp bits of dust and fuzz and dirt caked on the discolored electronics. Not good, tomorrow is D-day I've got an appointment with a professional heart breaker at Apple and will find out if my future holds Mac or PC in store. 

Kick Starter was approved but I haven't listed it yet because, sure, I want a new computer to do my blogging and photography and yes im poor but, I'm also wondering besides trying to get you all off your butts to explore the world, what is my mission and what more can I do? I'm having a meaningful moment and will take a night to explore what besides the idea of a book and digital copies of photos I can offer in return for financial help.

Opera and Bondi beach this weekend, till next time.