Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not quite sure what the universe is playing at but last night my computer tragically got to know water a little too well. We had a good run these short 2 (?) months and now I find myself utterly confused on how to replace it. A new even new used Macbook air will set me back some serious travel funds, it seems just too much. Unfortunately for a bit photos with blog posts will be out of the question as the dinosaur I borrowed to look up laptop life saving techniques cant handle the RAW and can only just down load JPEG if you have the whole day to waste. Im considering starting a kick starter to try and get a new laptop, waiting on verification though may take a few days. If I decide to go through with it I would very much appreciate any support you can offer. In return of donations I can offer digital prints of my photos.

Hope to have better news next time

Update: Computers still not working but I thought I'd just tack new details to this post, I don't like how small and sad it is. This week in many ways is turning out to be the exact opposite of the last. It tempts me to cancel my trip to Kiama tomorrow for fear the largest blowhole in the world may decided to take my camera somehow. I'll go anyway because I need a break from the house and worse my thoughts about the pieces of writing possibly lost to oblivion. Im feeling very over dramatic lately and find myself wanting to stare off indifferently into the distance. I just did with my hand on my chin, I feel a bit better... Maybe ill stand by the water later and say woe is me.
Back to the art of iPod photography

 Honestly though it sucks majorly it could be worse. On the list of life problems mine are very fixable all it'll take is a wad of cash and bucket of tears, unless of course Apple raised their tear requirements which upon hearing the price of a new computer will be very easy to procure. The fact remains I'm in Australia a laptop cant take that experience from me and i'll get a new one no matter what it takes to raise the money.
(Kick starter is in approval stages)

On a happier note, im getting used to Australia, I noticed this when I was taking garbage up the road on Thursday. I no longer cared about the tons of Spider Webs on the handle of the bins. That is a huge step, when I first got here if my hand even brushed a web I would flip a minor shit, now I couldn't be bothered I got 2 problems and a spider ain't one.