Monday, March 10, 2014

Photos around the world?

So I think im gonna change up the blog a bit. Instead of pure ramblings, which it'll still have of course, I'm going to put more of a focus on photography. My dad gave me an idea and you know what, every photo has a story some of them great. I'm going to incorporate more of my photography into the site and try once a week to get an awesome photo up with an equally awesome story. Think the lizard one from a few days ago, awesomeness 1-10 about 6 maybe? Here is my first entry...

Im pretty addicted to photography always loved it; in fact I never got the chance to take the class in high school but spent many study halls working along side the students, often right into biology class. Since getting the Nikon I pretty much carry it around like a purse. I put my money and cards in the pockets and have it on hand for any opportunity. My every expense and every effort seems to be geared in this direction. Its damn expensive but its worth every penny.

This past weekend the family I Au-pair for in Australia were taking a trip down to their farm somewhere in I cant remember NSW. It was beautiful, miles of expansive views an insanely bright sky and sheep wandering around in little groups roaming from tree shade to tree shade. The weekends are usually my free time where I can pretty much do as I please but generally it works out ill chill with the kids quite a bit especially if we all go somewhere together. Im always up for seeing a new part of the country so any trip is well appreciated. We walked the fields taking photos and exploring, finding skulls and various other farm fare. Dramatic sunset that I could not properly and to my satisfaction capture and a sky full of stars. 

It was spectacular

Saturday rolled around, it was much of the same as the day before, exploring and a bit of ninjaing through the trees trying to get close ups of sheep, didn't work they're crafty little idiots. Night came, I was babysitting. The kids had gone to bed to watch Epic and I went out on the deck to be assaulted by mosquitoes trying to capture a bolt of lightning off in the distance. That night we were surrounded on all sides by lightning miles away it was amazing and I had always wanted a shot of a bolt, time to experiment. I put on the exposure as long as I knew how and took endless pictures. Its here that ill mention the farm works off a generator, and when the generator is off it runs off a solar battery. I heard yelling from inside. It seemed darker, the houses battery power had died and the youngest was absolutely flipping multiple shits. They maneuvered their way onto the deck and the 2 year old had successfully worked herself into a frenzy. Between the lightning and the moonlight it wasn't too dark outside so I picked up the smallest child and took pictures with her in my arms. The lightning didn't frighten her only the tv going off does apparently. I don't know at what stage I caught the bolt I remember the frustrating misses but somewhere in the panic of the black out I caught one. I took as many snaps as I could before they complained of the cold and forced me inside. More panic ensued indoors and frustration on my part was mounting, impossible to give hugs and carry her around the dark house looking for flashlights and candles. It got ridiculous to the point of me going outside and collecting sticks to build a fire while her brother sat with her working his calming magic. Flashlights were located after the fire was built and candles, the next day. What an incredible idea that fire was. Miles from anything we sat in front of the warm glow a 23 year old, a 6 year old and a 2 year old. Talking about staying calm in tense situations, fun facts and looking through photos. I caught my bolt and I had a roller coaster of a night but it was all worth it because in the end its a great memory.
Who do you think can fart bigger a sumo wrestler or a yoga teacher?