Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Photos and thinkings

 I stare out the windows into reflections of other windows. My soul say, whhhaaat?.

Writing is so fucking hard sometimes.
Just finding a topic can be brain bashingly frustrating. I think maybe this famous gif can show you how ive been feeling the last two days creative writing wise.

Yeah. Thats about right. Sometimes its painless and sometimes its well, to the left to the left....


Anyways its not the easiest thing in the world to keep up on a blog its a bit like a diary just you know, public. How many of us have actually managed to keep a long term diary as well? I started one right before I left New York and have gotten good use out of it but I find at the end of the day laziness always wins compared to writing in it. Hence my last entry being on... oh I left the date blank, well the one before that was the 17th of Feb. It wasn't with in the last week and a half thats about all I know.

Im now forcing myself to write and its turning out just great so far isn't it? Are you enjoying my words? I hope so because im enjoying watching that gif above and putting my face in its place. 

I've got something to say! 

I am now the proud owner of a stunning Nikon D5100 camera, something I've wanted for years and years. You know what? It was worth the wait. The past few moths I have been an avid instagrammer and iPod touch photographer but have been getting progressively more pissed off at the quality as our honeymoon phase comes to a long drawn out ending. Yes it takes good pictures and yes I have very much higher standards. Its easy and entertaining to snap a quick pic with the apple devices but its just downright fun to use a real camera and forgo filters for a more massive amount of settings. 

Since getting it about two days ago I've taken a multitude of pictures mainly cats and spiders, until today. Today I climbed up a treacherous hill and walked a mere 2km to Brooklyn Dam. Its a beautiful walk high up in the rocky hills overlooking the rivers and towns of Hornsby Shire. I had a quick swim break in the lake and took photos pretty much everywhere, re-taking the iPod pictures really had to be done. 

Great things happen when you start taking pictures, you slow down and you look so much more closely at everything. Some people may argue you don't look but through the eye of your lens, you don't have the chance to enjoy the scene too busy snapping photos. I disagree. You look more closely at your surroundings and look not only for something pleasing to the eye but for an emotional reaction in the scene that makes you want to preserve the moment. That is how I feel and take my photos at least. 

When testing out selective color on a gorgeous river scene this afternoon I saw the first wild iguana (?) I've ever seen. I was told they existed in the hills but never expected to see one myself. I had finished my last shot of that spot and was maneuvering my way through the brush, I'm still nervous about spiders particularly hiding funnel webs. I heard scurrying to the right of me. This reptilian fellow was walking through the bushes and struck me quite dumb, it was a lot bigger than lizards I'm used to seeing. I tried slowly moving closer for a photo but it wanted none of me and was surprisingly quick when it wanted to "run" which was not often. I didn't realize they just crawled around on the ground, I figured it'd be in a tree or something and I wasn't ready to give it any opportunity to escape my lens while I was so prepared. It led me through a spider web, over a few piles of rocks, through some prickly bush grass type plants and around couple of trees but I was diligent and got a respectable photo out of my efforts.

 Damn Americans and their cameras gonna make this a difficult one, hope you like tree branches to the eyes.

I remember when I was younger at some point wanting to work for National Geographic as a photographic Journalist. Nat Geo is pretty much the elite of photography and I got ways to go but little by little I can start inching closer to getting published because now I've got a camera and I certainly have a lot more beautiful and amazing places to go....

ps. made a smugmug check it out for more photos: