Monday, March 3, 2014

Lets all be gay together


Lets all be gay together

Ahhh Mardi Gras, it was everything you’d expect, a flamboyant parade, flamboyant people and a fun loving accepting wholesome party atmosphere. Best part was unlike the New Orleans gay parade there were no crazed protesting bible fanatics in the middle of the street, at least that I saw… Maybe they had to be in bed early for mass in the morning, can't be spreading the hate all night long like those heathens out there dancing in the streets. It was a great event and exactly what Australians needed after their disappointing change in law regarding gay marriage back in late 2013.

As far as im personally concerned there is no proper justification for being against gay marriage. There is not one argument I can take seriously saying why its bad for the world and not one person I can respect that opposes it. Our society is changing and the laws of our nations need to keep up. This is 2014 discrimination should be phasing out and acceptance becoming more widespread, didn't we learn anything from past intolerances? It seems like some people are just too adamant about holding onto the outdated mentalities and imposing their religious virtues.

So why don't we all just take a break from the debates drink an ice cold margarita or hot toddy if your freezing your ass off somewhere. Stop focusing on things that have no impact on your life, its stupid and unnecessary. Accepting people for who they are is a so much nicer way to live, why care about the personal lives of millions of people you’ve never even met? Who they love is beautiful whether it's man and man or woman and woman man and woman people are people just like you. So keep on loving and fighting my gay and lesbian homies you guys forever have my support.

Im not a fan of politics and less a fan of stupidity although they too often walk hand in hand.