Thursday, March 6, 2014

The introvert

Fuck your birthday, I got season 4 of Breaking Bad to finish

The introvert at the bar

The introvert sits at the bar alone, watching the patrons from reflections of mirrors and windows. Looking cut off from the swirl of life around them balancing on the edge of unapproachable and friendly. What are they thinking these solitary creatures, as they swirl their glasses and tap their fingers. If you look closely enough without inducing their gaze you can almost see a mind removed from its present place. A loud noise or a stranger too close brings them back to the earthly stool but for a brief moment; mind interrupted and thought abandoned, need to regather their conscience. Glancing in the mirror scanning for noticeable change, but quickly losing interest for a more favorable blank gaze. Emotional reactions written on the face if I could only read minds, what i’d see in that place. In a room full of people to find your own space is a quality only held by a mind in race. I wonder my introverted friend if I tried to ask you a question would you be happy someone wanted to engage you in honest conversation. For you see my friend I believe I feel the same way in a room full of fools I'd prefer be far away. There's an infinite range of thoughts to be pondered and only 100 songs on this top hits list, lets not even bother.

Ahh the introvert. I took a quiz recently that classified me as one with the most general and meaningless questions ever. Its Saturday night, where are you? My Sat nights usually involve netflix and alcohol, but not always. Truthfully my location on a Staurday night depends on my level of poorness; generally high might I add (or low rather?), you gonna hold that against me? Not sure where the introvert vs. extrovert popularity came from, it kind of appeared like the boost nerdism got from the big bang theory. But let’s face it although fun to point out how quiet and anti-social you are introverts and extroverts aren’t really much different. People quite amazingly prefer different social situations and can both be equally introverted in situations they feel uncomfortable, bored or sad as they can feel extroverted in situations in which they are joyful, elated and in their element. I know you may think the bar is stupid me too, but drink a bit more of that whiskey with your best buddies and you’ll be out there getting real dumb with all the boozing family. I’m not talking social disorders or cases of extreme shyness by the way an introvert isn’t a sociopath; a sociopath is a sociopath they even have their own word for that reason. An introvert is only an more inward thinking questioning type of person, a philosopher of sorts. An let me tell you something about philosophers, they still love their crazy parties, they have so much thinking time to plan after all. So introverts of the world stop being so boring pick the thing you love most and go be extroverted in your own way! After all aren't we supposed to be the more passionate ones?

Off to a farm for the weekend, hopfully I wont have any snake or motorbike accidents to blog about next week. Look for my picture updates on Happy Weekend you crazy kids!