Friday, March 14, 2014


No cool photos to post as of yet, been working on some portrait work. I hate portrait work personally, I'm not one to pose its uncomfortable for me so asking the same of others seems wrong. I usually have a the same smile for every photo I'm forced into and its not a convincing look either, unless I'm happy to be part of it of course. I like to take photos of general life action, for example my portraits were of the kids eating grapes. Through the grapes and funny stories I told with camera in hand, I got some beautiful shots for their mom, I hope she likes them.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves for 2 days. Fabulous pics to come I hope, the polarizing filter I bought has led to some interesting experimentation, just wish the neutral density ones came in the mail faster. I'm gonna be hardcore getting my tourist on - Dslr and backpack ready to rock! I'm gonna play professional photographer and I'm so excited.

Posts to come next week, been too tired and lazy to write up anything besides this lately. I've had a few good post ideas just need to take the time to write them down. I'll be more productive next week, this week has been a bit of a blerch.

If you dont know of the blerch, your welcome,