Thursday, February 27, 2014

The daily rambles

The blog is called rambling around the world, so I hope it'll be no great surprise to you that I will be rambling about random stuff while in different parts of the world. I don't necessarily want this to be just a travel blog its more like whatever pops into my head kinda blog. Travel will be a focus but I'm gonna keep it interesting and throw some nice delicious other topics into the mix as well. NOM NOM NOM, knowledge. To those of you who know me well enough to know how I think, this will likely get weird at some points, to those who don't get your mind out of the gutter. You’ll see eventually I just tend to ask a whole lot of weird questions and over think. Just wait till I'm sober enough to write a Mardi Gras post after the event tomorrow… 
 New Orleans Gay parade 2013. Victoria Fennell

To the post!

WOW I actually forgot what I was about to write. That's a bummer, damn opening distracted me… Hm. hm. hm.

Rainy Daydreaming

How long has it been since you sat in front of a window and did nothing but watch the rain. If your me, you can't even remember having done it. Maybe it was so uneventful your mind threw the memory into the trash pile with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber stories, nothing worth taking note of. But just now while wondering what it is I has been thinking about writing my blog post on I looked out onto the river outside my hotel worthy bedroom. It was only a few seconds before all thoughts stopped, my body relaxed and I entered a few moments of spontaneous meditation. Snapped out of my momentary nothingness by the start of a vacuum I wondered why I don't take more opportunities embrace my inner nothing. To make an effort and think nothing and to let my mind take a break from the constant intake of general life. Why don't I meditate, really better yet with all the distractions of the world how can I meditate?

Never having been much into the world of meditation formerly my attempts can be mainly summed up to three experiences:

drifting off to sleep
thinking of what I would do after trying to meditate
why is this taking so damn long!?

Some practiced meditators would probably say I didn't wait long enough and they're right but come one man netflix ain't gonna search itself for the next 5 hours. Its hard to be idle, especially with nothing handy to alleviate the awkwardness.  Much easier to be quiet when distractions are plentiful and right in your pocket. To be alone without one's thoughts is a hard goal to reach and almost impossible to think of ironically. Most people can't even sit comfortably in a silent room without a phone or electronic device to fondle. Its become a bad habit amongst the human species and I am gonna do everything I can to break it in myself.

I'm going to for myself create a challenge to become healthier in mind, one thing that over the years I have neglected terribly. To take real me time down to the atoms, start meditating and let my mind have room to wander across the cosmos. So spiritual man, you may say, soooo hippyyyy. Stuff it you prat, this is serious. We as whatever living things we are need to take remembrance time to realize oh yeah I'm alive, how cool. Whats this all about then? I used to be frequented by thoughts of my mortality and in random moments of self realization think of the fact that all this is happening in some way, even the most mediocre things. This carrot exists and I'm eating it, wow, what? I haven't had these thoughts as often as I'd like lately and I miss them we get too sucked into life and the stupidity. I'm going to re-learn to be okay with nothing and set aside time just to be.

This month I will start meditating everyday for at least 20 minutes. Mainly I want to see if I can improve my outlook on life and improve my mental state through self realization and well pretty allowing myself to be nothing. We take our minds for granted daily when they should be one of our most precious and protected characteristics. It doesn't matter if you lead a gluten free raw vegan diet and don't eat sugar, your health starts with your mind and we need to start protecting our minds against the parade of idiocy that runs rampant in our world.

Ill be the guinea pig but I suggest everyone think over it and try, whats the worst they'll happen?
Sapere Aude! 

Adios amigos.